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Yes, You Can Play Fast!

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Following on from the ideas we looked at in How to Crack Your Picking Code and An Alternative Route to Playing Fast, and from watching a lot of Troy Grady videos, it seems there are two distinct kinds of player when it comes to shred guitar and generally playing at warp speed. For the sake […]

An Alternative Route to Playing Fast

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I’m sure you’ve read or heard plenty of clichés when it comes to the subject of playing guitar fast, or learning to shred. When something is regurgitated and repeated so often, I begin to question its validity. Ask any guitarist (preferably one that can play fast) how to play fast and you’ll get the inevitable […]

How to Finally Master Sweep-Picking

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If you’re an intermediate level, or even advanced guitarist, sweep picking is probably one of those techniques you feel you should be able to do by now. I know I certainly did, and although I was never a serious shredder, I was always curious about the technique and thought it’d be useful to know. I […]