184 Open Chords You Never Knew Existed

The great thing about standard tuning on the guitar is its unmatched flexibility when it comes to chords, especially open chords, so what I’d like to do here is revisit the first few frets but this time we’re going to learn some slightly more advanced chords, which are probably more befitting of where you’re at now.

184 open chords you never knew existed

This book is not to be taken too seriously as it’s more about exploring the possibilities of open chords, hearing some unique voicings and giving your fretting hand a good workout!

Why learn more open chords?
There are a number of benefits to learning these more advanced open chords. First of all, chords exercise your fretting hand in a different way than scales do, and some of these are quite tricky to pull off. These chords generally have a full, lush sound and may even inspire a new song or riff, as well as the fact that guitarists generally don’t know enough chords so learning a few more definitely won’t hurt. Due to incorporating open strings, these chords are unique, not only to the guitar but to the world of music, and this is useful if you’re looking for a more individual voicing or something that will really stand out in a tune.

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