We’ve hacked the CAGED system!

The CAGED system has many flaws, but these can be hacked and rectified to turn it into a powerful system for understanding how the guitar fretboard works, leading to a versatile, and above all, functional knowledge of chords, arpeggios, scales and modes, and key signatures, and that’s exactly what Hacking the CAGED System is all about!

We've hacked the CAGED system!

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When NOT Breaking Out of the Box is a Good Thing

You’ve probably seen a ton of stuff on the internet, and particularly on YouTube, about ‘breaking out of the box’, which basically means you’re stuck in a scale pattern and want to somehow break free of it to play more interesting stuff. The internet suggests a variety of remedies for saving you from boring yourself…

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A More Practical Way to Learn Triads

I’m constantly looking for more practical ways to learn things on guitar, especially the tedious stuff like scales, arpeggios and triads. Triads are a great place to start but as so often happens, the rote learning of shapes doesn’t always translate to practical use when you want to incorporate them into your playing. In this…

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Hack #13: Blues Scales: Start with Mixolydian

This is an excerpt from 25 Guitar Scale Hacks, check out the full eBook here. If you’re getting into blues soloing, you’re probably already familiar with the minor/major pentatonic and blues scales. While these scales are of course the bread and butter of blues improvisation, it’s worth considering the Mixolydian mode and working back from…

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Practicing Without Patterns

As you may have already gathered, any chord, arpeggio or scale can be written out as a sequence of intervals. This information is often lost on guitarists in favor of using a movable pattern, but the problem here is that we overlook the information inside the pattern i.e. the intervals. This is a double-edged sword…

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October 21, 2018