Hacking the CAGED System: Diatonic Harmony

Hacking the CAGED System: Diatonic Harmony is both a stand-alone ingenious system that teaches you to construct all the components of any key signature on the guitar fretboard, as well as an extension to Hacking the CAGED System – Book 1. This book will provide you with the tools to improvise freely within any key using a variety of devices such as modes, pentatonic scales, triads, chord tones, arpeggios, AND come up with your own diatonic chord progressions using chord synonyms and alternatives.

diatonic harmony

Please note: it is not a prerequisite to have worked through Hacking the CAGED System – Book 1.

You’ll also be able to create modal chord progressions using diatonic harmony that can be as simple or as complex as you like, as you’ll have access the full range of chords you can find in any key signature.

Mapping out diatonic harmony on the guitar fretboard is one of the best (and underused) ways to really learn the neck, play with confidence, and sound exactly like you know what you’re doing in any musical situation. Diatonic harmony, or key signatures, keeps everything in context and prevents you from learning random bits of information that you can’t really use or that don’t add much to your playing. This book will tie your knowledge together and enable you to understand what chords work well together, as well as how to solo over them using a variety of devices such as triads, arpeggios, pentatonic scales, and modes, among others.

I’m sure you’ve been there; you come up with a chord progression, riff or the beginning of a piece of music, but you don’t know what chords work with it, where to go next, or even how to solo over it. This book will put all those options right at your fingertips, leaving you free to do some of your best playing and writing yet.

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