Altered Tunings Guides

If you’ve decided to get to grips with an altered tunings, often called open tunings, then you’re going to need some reference material. The truth is, you’ll waste a lot of time searching the internet for it when you could be playing, which is why we’ve compiled chord, arpeggio and scale diagrams for the following altered tunings in handy PDF format for easy viewing on or offline on any device for seven of the most versatile altered tunings for guitar.

altered tunings

Each PDF features an extensive but not overwhelming series of fretboard diagrams (around 40 chord/arpeggio types and 16 different scales) in order for you to easily extract chords, arpeggios and scales in your chosen altered tuning. In over 10 years of exploring altered tunings, I have found that the ‘discover it yourself’ method is far more effective than trying to learn pages of chord boxes or scale and arpeggio patterns that someone else has defined for you. I believe alternate tunings should be used to fuel your creativity, rather than taking the same approach as in standard tuning and getting stuck in the rote learning of chords and patterns.

Please note: We’ve taken a ‘bare-bones’ approach here, which means you’ll be discovering chords, shapes and scale patterns; this means there are no pre-defined chord boxes, arpeggio, or scale patterns. This dynamic promotes creativity and stimulates the memory as what you discover yourself becomes yours to own. Learn more about the approach here.

Blank chord and fretboard diagrams are also included in each PDF for you to print out and record your findings, and each one costs as little as $1.99 (or pay what you want).

New Standard Tuning CGDAEG
P4 or All Fourths Tuning EADGCF
Open G Tuning DGDGBD
Open C Tuning
Open E Tuning
Dobro Tuning GBDGBD

The full reference guide ($5) featuring over 100 pages of diagrams for six of the above tunings (except Dobro tuning) is available in PDF format here.