Woodshedder’s Guide to Guitar Scales

guitar scales

The Woodshedder’s Guide to Guitar Scales came about after a request from a student. Obsessed with scales, she wanted a practice regime that allowed to her to learn a considerable number of guitar scales all over the fretboard using the most efficient and least time-consuming method I could come up with. To accomplish this, I suggested using just three patterns per scale, all of which are derived from three master patterns.

Bypass traditional guitar scales methods

In essence, we bypassed traditional (and outdated) scale systems that have you learning anything from five to seven or more patterns per scale (as this is both time-consuming and unnecessary) and grouped scales in a way that makes them far easier to digest, woodshed, and have the results show up in your playing relatively quickly. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a shortcut, it’s simply a very efficient method if you’re willing to spend hours in the woodshed.

In this guide we dispense with traditional concepts to give you the most efficient and effective way to not only learn a ton of guitar scales, but to achieve levels of technique and precision that will serve you for years to come.

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