Major Scale Modes Designed for the Guitar

The aim of Major Scale Modes Designed for the Guitar is very simple: to provide a visual method for playing any major scale mode all over the fretboard from any root note without having to do any ‘working out’ in your head. It’s a method designed both for the guitar and for guitarists. You may understand the theory of modes, but getting it all onto the fretboard is a mammoth task; this book solves that problem. Once you have the modes on the fretboard, the theory comes to life because you can actually use it.

major scale modes designed for the guitar graham tippett

I’ll show you exactly what to practice in order to achieve this and why it works. It is a failsafe method containing two sections whereby the more you practice the first section, the more effective the second section becomes. If at any point you get lost, which is hard to do, you simply return to the first section and practice more.

Major Scale Modes Designed for the Guitar solves problems such as,” I understand how modes work and I know I can play Bb Lydian here, but I it takes me too long to find it on the fretboard, or I only know one pattern and it sounds forced”. This book will enable you (if you’re prepared to put in the practice) to be able to use Bb Lydian (or any mode) all over the fretboard with little thinking involved.

Please note that this is not a modal theory book (check out our QuickStart Guides: Modes book for that), this is a method to map out the modes over the entire fretboard and have access to them with very little thinking. If you’re studying the theory of modes, this is a great accompanying book as you’ll be able to immediately see anything you learn on the fretboard and use it.

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