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Hack #13: Blues Scales: Start with Mixolydian

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This is an excerpt from 25 Guitar Scale Hacks, check out the full eBook here. If you’re getting into blues soloing, you’re probably already familiar with the minor/major pentatonic and blues scales. While these scales are of course the bread and butter of blues improvisation, it’s worth considering the Mixolydian mode and working back from […]

Guitar Hacks: Learn Triads Faster

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Triads are incredibly useful on guitar, not only for building chords and arpeggios, but for soloing too, and especially soloing over chord changes. If you know your triads inside-out on the fretboard, you’ve laid the foundations for mapping out the fretboard when creating chord progressions or improvising melodically. The tedious part is actually learning triads […]

6 Tips for Learning Music Theory on Guitar

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Music theory is still somewhat of a mystery for a lot of guitarists, but most have that nagging feeling that at some point they should learn some. Unfortunately, this is usually when they get stuck in a rut and choosing to dive into the world of music theory when you’ve reached the height of frustration […]