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Graham Tippett here, I’m not your average guitarist, so this is not your average guitar blog. What I wanted to do was to provide real insight into learning the instrument garnered from 20 something years of (mainly unorthodox) playing, teaching, experimenting and researching. You see, I struggled a lot early on, especially with traditional methods for learning guitar, so I had to come up with my own take on them or invent my own systems.

What you’ll find here then are 35+ guitar books full of systems, methods and ways of seeing things on the guitar neck that perhaps you’d never considered before. My approach to the instrument is more holistic – I want you to give you the tools to see the bigger picture on guitar, and the infinite possibilities you have at your fingertips. I also want you to take away concepts you can apply to your playing and ways of seeing the fretboard that will open up the fretboard for you like never before.


Graham Tippett
Chief Guitar Hacker