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Veevar Guitar: Interview with the Creators

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A while back, we did a review of the new online and offline guitar community, Veevar Guitar, which you can check out here. Veevar Guitar is a community of guitar students and teachers using the same syllabus both online and offline in the form of face-to-face lessons (UK only). We caught up with the creators […]

Veevar Guitar – A New Option for Guitar Students AND Teachers

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If you want to learn guitar online there are a plethora of options these days; and with technology playing an ever-increasing role in learning, new apps, tools, and interactive courses are cropping up every day. Where most of these are aimed at guitarists wanting to teach themselves, Veevar Guitar combines an online learning community with […]

4 More Great Guitar Courses on Udemy

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As you may know, I’m a big fan of the online guitar courses on the Udemy platform. If you’re looking for a guitar course, or indeed a course on virtually anything, Udemy most likely has one, or two. The interface is smooth and very user-friendly, and you take your chosen course(s) on any device. This […]

The Best Guitar Courses on Udemy

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If you haven’t heard of Udemy, it’s an online learning platform aimed at adults who want to gain or improve their skills, or explore their passions in pretty much any discipline you can imagine. The good news is that there are a ton of quality guitar courses on Udemy that you probably haven’t heard of, […]

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