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Udemy is fast becoming the go-to platform for online guitar courses, or online courses in just about anything for that matter. Signing up and accessing your courses is fast and simple, plus the user interface is a dream to work with and every course includes HD video, backing tracks, PDFs, as well as all the resources you’ll need to really get the most out of the courses you take. You can even ask the course creator any questions you might have if you get stuck along the way. Udemy courses are also great value for money and our readers can get a whopping 90% off most courses. In this post we’ll look at five of the newest additions to Udemy’s huge collection of online guitar courses.

1. The Ultimate Guitar Tone School Course
If, like me, you don’t want to spend weeks on end trawling YouTube, guitar forums, the internet in general, as well as endless guitar shops to buy all the gear that’ll supposedly get you the most sought-after tones, this is an absolute God-send of a course. Course creator David Wills has really done his research to put together the ultimate course on guitar tones with input from the top experts in the field. On this course, you’ll learn about tone from the perspective of building a tube amp, different types of guitars and pick-ups, effects, speakers and mics, rigs and amps. You’ll also learn how to put together the iconic tones of 20 world class guitarists.

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2. A Beginner’s Guide to Modes on the Guitar
If you’re a fan of Chris Zoupa’s YouTube channel, you’re going to love his new modes course. If you haven’t heard of Chris Zoupa, check out a few of the 10 free preview videos available for this course and you’ll see that he’s simply A GREAT TEACHER (as well as an amazing player). Chris will take you through all the modes of the major scale, demystifying them along the way, so that you can get intimately acquainted with each of them. The modes is a tricky subject for guitarists, so if you’re looking for a structured way to understand them with great explanations and insight along the way, this is the course for you.

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3. Learn to Master the Guitar – The Complete Guitar Course!
A great option on Udemy is to get a guitar course that covers absolutely everything from buying your first guitar to venturing into advanced territory. If you think about it, this is a huge time-saver as you no longer have to waste time scouring the internet and piecing together different sources of information to learn from. This kind of course is a great option if you want to learn guitar in your spare time, but have other commitments such as family, job etc. I also recommend these courses to anyone thinking about going to music college who does have all the time in the world but needs a good grounding in all aspects of guitar in order to be fully prepared for the music college experience.

Studio owner, music producer and pro guitarist Mitch Houston has put together an incredibly detailed course which takes you from your first fumblings on the fretboard right up to pro level. What I like about this course is that he teaches you to read music from day one, which immediately puts you at an advantage over about 90% of all other guitarists.

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4. Complete Beginner Guitar – Play Your Favorite Songs in Weeks
If you’re not interested in mastering every aspect of the guitar and just want to learn to play a bunch of songs well, then this is the course for you. What this course does is teach you to play some great songs along with all the techniques you’ll need to perform them to perfection the next time someone hands you a guitar. You’re probably thinking that this is what YouTube is for but again, this isn’t just some guy showing you a bunch of songs; this is pro guitarist Kurt Berg teaching you not only sings, but the tools and steps to learn any song or technique. See what you think of the course.

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5. StichMethod Blues Master Class Part 1
This round-up wouldn’t be complete without a great blues guitar course, and it comes in the form of the StitchMethod Blues Master Class. You may have seen Ian Stitch on YouTube where you can find a ton of great blues guitar lessons which are a precursor to this course. What I love about this Udemy blues guitar offering is the way Stitch teaches you fundamental concepts, then gives you the tools and the insight to run with them and turn them into some pretty hot-sounding blues, even if you’re just starting out. Check out the free preview lessons below and I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how much this man can teach you.

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At the end of the day, there’s some great stuff on YouTube, but there’s even greater stuff on Udemy, so stop searching and start learning!