Modes and How to Use Them – Unlock the Guitar

The Best Way to Learn Modes on Guitar

After more than 20 years of learning, teaching and using the modes this is my definitive guide to their understanding and application. We’ll be looking at the modes from three key perspectives then leveraging the knowledge gained to provide you with a more complete picture of the modes, and the confidence to be able to use them in your playing.

Rest assured, you won’t be bogged down in theory and endless scale patterns as I’ve kept this to a minimum, reducing it by almost 80% in order to get to the practical application of modes as soon as possible, and through this practical understanding, gain a greater insight into the application of modes.

You’ll learn:
How to Hear the Modes
Modes as Scales in their Own Right
How to Practice Scales to Get Results
Modes All Over the Fretboard Without Endless Scale Patterns
Which Modes to Play Over Which Chords
How to Make the Parent Scale System Work
How to Understand and Apply the Modes to Chord Progressions
How to Create Your Own Modal Chord Progressions
How to Go from Pentatonics to Modes

The 2017-2018 updated edition features expanded sections and a ton of bonus material.

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