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Guitar Hacks: Triads and Inversions

By popular request following the success of the blog lesson: Guitar Hacks: Learn Triads Faster we’re excited to release the eBook Guitar Hacks: Triads and Inversions, which follows on from the blog lesson and provides you with the complete approach to learning triads and their inversions in much less time, and in an efficient and practical way.

Triads are incredibly useful on guitar, not only for building chords and arpeggios, but for soloing too, and especially soloing over chord changes. If you know your triads inside-out on the neck, you’ve laid the foundations for mapping out the fretboard when creating chord progressions, rhythm parts or improvising melodically.

The tedious part is actually learning triads to start with which is why I came up with this incredibly handy method for learning triads and their inversions all over the neck in a fraction of the time it takes to learn them the standard rote way. This book covers root, first and second inversions of the following triads: major, minor, diminished, augmented, sus2 and sus4, giving you the power to not only remember them, but use them effectively in coming up with solos, rhythm parts and many other creative applications.

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