CAGED System Alternatives

There are many arguments over the validity of the CAGED System for guitar; some hate it, some find it useful. My overwhelming issue with it is that it’s a guitar-based system that is of no use whatsoever on any other instrument. You may have overlooked this, but this means that you’re creating a ton of extra work for yourself by trying to apply music theory (a universal system) through the CAGED System (a guitar-only system). This friction creates all the misunderstanding, wasted time, and becoming stuck in a rut, which is why we created a selection of CAGED System Alternatives.

What are the alternatives?
Over the last few months we’ve been putting together a series of books called, ‘Hacking the CAGED System‘, which takes the best bits of the CAGED System and relates them to actual music theory, as oppose to a guitar-based system of endless patterns and permutations. If you’re stuck with the CAGED System, can’t seem to make it work, or aren’t sure whether it’s the right method for you, check out Hacking the CAGED System.