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Hacking the CAGED System – Diatonic Harmony

Both a stand-alone ingenious system that teaches you to construct all the components of any key signature on the guitar fretboard, as well as an extension to Hacking the CAGED System – Book 1.

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Alternative Pentatonics

28 new pentatonic scales divided into chord types so that you’ll know exactly what chords you can use them over. This book features plenty of new and interesting options for playing over common chords that are easy to use and force you out of standard pentatonic scales and/or the major scale modes.

alternative pentatonics

Major Scale Modes Designed for the Guitar

The aim of Major Scale Modes Designed for the Guitar is very simple: to provide a visual method for playing any major scale mode all over the fretboard from any root note without having to do any ‘working out’ in your head. It’s a method designed both for the guitar and for guitarists. You may understand the theory of modes, but getting it all onto the fretboard is a mammoth task; this book solves that problem.

major scale modes designed for the guitar

The Dorian Improvisation System

An improvisation system featuring 100+ diagrams based on the Dorian scale through which you progressively learn how to access a wide variety of other scales and improvisational devices and techniques that you can apply to your playing straight away.

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Intermediate Guitar Scales Handbook – Exotic Scales Edition

I’ve hand-picked 15 of my favorite exotic guitar scales and modes that I think are really useful for adding different flavors to your solos or exploring new sonic territory on the instrument. You’ll be able to incorporate these new sounds into your playing as I’ve laid out the book according to chord types you already know and probably use all the time.

intermediate guitar scales handbook exotica scales edition

Simple Blues Soloing System

In Simple Blues Soloing System, we dispense with scales, arpeggios and whatnot in favor of just 3 positions on the fretboard that will allow you to get a wide variety of blues-rock sounds under your fingers in no time at all. This is accomplished by focusing on a handful of intervals rather than endless scales, arpeggios and permutations; in other words, we’re going straight to the good stuff!

simple blues soloing system

8 String Guitar Scales and Arpeggios

With so many more tonal options and fingerings at your disposal, I’d like to show the most efficient and least time-consuming way to learn 8 string guitar scales and arpeggios in standard tuning (F#, B, E, A, D, G, B, E), which will both up your game technically and allow you, through consistent practice, to quickly gain a working knowledge of the most useful scales and arpeggios in music.

8 string guitar scales and arpeggios

7 String Guitar Method – Book 1

In this book, you get the best of both worlds: a way to transfer all your 6-string knowledge to the 7-string fretboard, plus how to see the 7-string as an instrument in its own right with all its quirks and nuances, plus the scales, arpeggios, and chords that are only available on a 7-string guitar.

7 string guitar method book 1

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