What Really Took My Playing to the Next Level

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You hear this phrase a lot in guitar-related media, learning material and sales-type rhetoric – it’s the idea, or the promise that some kind of insight in the form of a lesson, course, or book will provide you with the tools to take your guitar playing to the next level. The ‘next level’ is somewhat […]

Outside Playing: Twisted CAGED Soloing

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I’m not a huge fan of the CAGED System, but I am grateful to its existence because it forced me to come up with Hacking the CAGED System, which is an alternative, and in my humble opinion, more usable system designed for anyone who’s stuck with the original CAGED System, or wants an approach with […]

5 Alternatives to the CAGED System

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If you’ve ever studied (or been forced to study) the CAGED system, you eventually reach a point where you begin to wonder whether the system is actually useful. I first became suspicious at Music College where I was handed an inch-thick guitar theory book which included the infamous CAGED System. The thing that baffled me […]