Beginner Course

free beginner guitar course

If you dig deep, you can find a lot of stuff for beginners on the site but there was nothing in the way of  a structured course that beginner guitarists could follow… Until now!

This is not your average beginner course, it’s more along the lines of how I would have learned guitar based on the hindsight and experience I have 20-something years later.

Due to the internet, I believe learning guitar has become more of a visual art these days, and new players are missing out on a valuable tool: a good set of ears. So, I want you to get your ear involved in this. It will become your greatest ally. Listen carefully and closely to everything you play. Ask yourself, ‘Does this sound good to my ear?’ Record yourself and listen back, I guarantee that a) you won’t sounds as bad as you think, and b) you’ll be able to listen more objectively to your own playing.

We’ll be learning theory as we go along. Theory is not a dirty word. I’ll blend it in with what you’re learning on the neck; you won’t feel a thing. I want you to understand what you’re playing from day one, otherwise you’ll end up stuck in an intermediate rut forever a little further down the line.

Let’s get stuck in.

Section 1 – Open Chords
Section 2 – Changing Chords
Section 3 – The Dreaded F Barre Chord
Section 4 – More Open Chords
Section 5 – Key of C Major
Section 6 – Strumming with a Pick
Section 7 – Movable Chords I
Section 8 – Movable Chords II