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Fourths Tuning Scales and Arpeggios

Fourths Tuning Scales and Arpeggios

Following on from, ‘Fourths Tuning – Chords and Inversions‘, we turn our attention to scales and arpeggios for guitarists transitioning from standard to fourths tuning. In this book we cover three fundamental aspects of this process.

In the first section, we look at how to transfer your knowledge of scales from standard to fourths tuning so as not to feel as though you’re starting from scratch, and to form a basis for early improvisation. In the second section, we look at a scale and arpeggio system that is more suited to the symmetrical nature of fourths tuning, and that will have you playing scales all over the fretboard in a matter of hours, not weeks, months or even years. In the final section, we make the transition to abandoning shapes and patterns as we work towards navigating the fretboard in a much freer sense through intervals.

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