Pentatonic Scales in Fourths Tuning

This is an excerpt from, ‘Fourths Tuning: Scales and Arpeggios‘, which looks extensively at scale systems in fourths tuning from a number of different perspectives. In this section, we look at how the minor pentatonic scale transitions to fourths tuning.

The usefulness of pentatonic scales can’t be denied, especially the minor pentatonic, and it’s a good place to start in fourths tuning if you’re fond of those patterns from standard tuning. I must admit, I do still think of the minor pentatonic scale as a pattern in fourths, but I know what intervals I’m playing and how to play through the patterns, rather than within the confines of them.

Where would we be as guitarists without this little box of notes?

In Box 1, the notes fall perfectly under our fingers, which is why it has been, and always will be, used to death by blues and rock guitarists alike.

Here’s Box 1 of F Minor Pentatonic in fourths tuning:

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