Guitar Scales Tutorial – Unlock the Guitar

Learn Guitar Scales Fast!

Learn guitar scales quickly and easily with our unique tutorial based on the 2 Position Guitar Scale System. Simply follow the steps in the tutorial and you’ll soon be playing scales freely and easily all over the fretboard; in fact, we’ve calculated that it takes around 80% less time to learn scales with the 2 Position Guitar Scale System than other systems and patterns such as the CAGED and 3NPS concepts.

But What About the CAGED and 3NPS Systems?

If you’re in a rut with either the 3NPS or CAGED Systems, then check out, ‘Hacking the CAGED System – Book 1′. It takes the best bits from the CAGED System, throws in a little 3NPS, and will guide you through chords, arpeggios, scales, key signatures and modes. Check it out here.

If you’re into the 3NPS scale system, check out our FREE Guitar Hacks eBook which shows you a faster way to learn 3NPS scales all over the neck.

Fed Up with Scales Altogether?

If you’re sick of learning scales, or want to try a completely different approach, check out our eBooks, ‘Soloing Without Scales‘, and, ‘Let Go of What You Know: How to Improvise Freely on Guitar‘.