The Law of Attraction for Guitarists

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A few years ago I had this constant nagging sensation that I wanted to make an album, or at least play on one. At the time I was living in Mexico and had left all my equipment, amps, and guitars in the UK; in actual fact I had barely played guitar in the two years beforehand. All I had was a battered up acoustic, no band, no songs, no studio and nowhere near enough money; just this nagging sensation which by then had turned into a kind of obsessive desire.

A few weeks later I had to go out to a company in the industrial area to give a training course. A few weeks into the course, one of the trainees approached me and asked if I was a musician. I said I was but that I hadn’t played for a while due to other projects. He told me he was making an album but didn’t have a band. He was a singer songwriter/guitarist and all the songs were more or less written so he asked me to go down to the studio where he was recording to lay down some solos and a few rhythm parts. As he gave me the demo CD I just remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck; it was far too much of a coincidence.

The following weekend I went down to the studio, where coincidentally I had done a lot of voiceover work and knew the owner and the engineers, to start recording the album. Despite the favorable circumstances I still felt out of sorts as I hadn’t really played for a few years. I remember feeling a little discouraged after that first day but over the following week it all came back. The guy I’d met lent me a guitar and an amp to work on the solos and we continued the sessions the following weekend…

A few weekends later all the rhythm tracks were down and we even had a bassist and a drummer, cousins of the guy I’d met. The band was complete and everything gelled nicely. The album was finished in a matter of 6 weekends and we began to promote it around Mexico. We had marginal success in and around Mexico City but after a year or so it all began to take its toll and to cut a long story short the singer decided to go his own way leaving the bassist, drummer and I to form a three-piece which still plays occasionally in Mexico City, just for the fun of it.

The Secret

Some years later I began to wonder if I’d (accidentally) employed the much talked about Law of Attraction, and if I wanted to replicate the process, how would I go about it? If you’ve read anything about the Law of Attraction or watched the movie, ‘The Secret’, either you’re a millionaire by now, or like most of us, you’re still slightly in the dark about how to make it work.

So according to, ‘The Secret’, these are the steps to follow:

1. Clear your mind
2. Decide what you want
3. Ask for it
4. Visualize having it
5. Express and feel gratitude
6. Release control
7. Stay positive
8. Be patient
9. Invite it in
10. Receive/share the wealth

Out of the above steps I definitely did number 2; I remember being very decided that I wanted to make an album. I don’t remember consciously asking for it, visualizing it (I’m crap at visualization) or expressing any gratitude but number 6 does ring a bell. At some point the desire went to the back of my mind and perhaps this was the, ‘turning it over to the universe’, stage. As I wasn’t consciously employing this 10-step process I wasn’t aware of steps 7 and 8 but I guess step 9 was meeting the guy and accepting to go down the studio. All in all if I had sat down and tried to work out where to get a band, a studio, funding and material from, it probably wouldn’t have happened. I think this is a critical part of the process too, not worrying about how it’s going to be done and just letting the universe take care of the details.

I think a lot of people got the wrong idea with the Law of Attraction and tried to use it to attract random cliché things such as piles of money and luxury cars. I believe that the thing you should go for has to ring true for you. You have to identify yourself completely with your desire, and you must be a perfect match or it’s (probably) not going to work. You also need to be very specific and create the desire or need to possess the thing you want, and avoid second-guessing as to when it’s going to appear in your life. Random desires such as, ‘I want to be a guitar virtuoso’, probably won’t provide a lot of success in the short term whereas well-stated desires such as, ‘I want to play in front of thousands of people’, will most likely yield better results, as long as the desire rings true for you.  I don’t think the Law of Attraction works that well on a ‘for the sake of it’ basis.

I’ll tentatively call this part 1 as I’m planning to experiment to see if I can replicate the process. Try it out yourself and let me know how you get on in the comments.


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