The Law of Attraction for Guitarists (Part 2)

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As I mentioned in Part 1 I’ve wanted to do another Law of Attraction experiment for some time but I’d been purposely putting it off until I decided on the thing I actually wanted. So today I had a flash of inspiration and it turns out that I have (and have had for many years) the burning to desire to own a Gibson ES 335. Yes, the thing I want is a Gibson ES 335. I want one bad.

How do you know what you want?

I suggest taking your time over this one. You could write a list of things you want; they can also be experiences. You may need to write a fairly hefty list before you arrive at the thing or experience that stops you in your tracks and evokes some kind of emotional reaction.

If you’ve seen the movie, ‘The Secret’, or read Part 1 of this article then you’ll recall the 10 step process for attaining your true desires. The list-writing covers Step 1 as this is how we’ll clear our mind. Step 2 happens when your list finally throws up the thing or experience that resonates with you on a deeper level.

The next three steps are:

Step 3: Ask for it
Step 4: Visualize having it
Step 5: Express and feel gratitude

From what I can gather Step 3 involves putting your request out there or sending a picture to the universe or at the very least writing down what it is you want. I’m not great at visualization so for Step 4 I plan to get a load of pictures of Gibson ES 335s and watch plenty of videos of people playing them; that should cover it. As for Step 5, I’ve a lot to be grateful for and this has become more apparent lately so I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. If by nature you are a grateful person then you should have this step covered. As a caveat I think these things kind of fall into place IF you’re asking for the thing you really want. If it was just a whim then you’ll soon lose interest. The universe is smart, it won’t give people things just for the sake of it or things that will go unappreciated–the lack of gratitude coming into play.

Step 6 – Turning it over to the universe

I think this step gets triggered when you’ve saturated yourself with enough of the previous 3 steps and your desire has somehow seeped into the back of your mind. This is mainly because you cannot be second-guessing as to when the thing or opportunity you want is going to show up in your life as this brings into play the ultimate law of attraction killer: neediness. There is just no way this can be done out of neediness; playfulness is a far better perspective to come at it from. Just as neediness and desperation will repel any potential mate in a bar or club; it will also send the law of attraction running for the hills.

Steps 7 and 8 shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not coming at this from the neediness level and besides, the universe isn’t FedEx. If you’re not a positive, patient and grateful person then it would probably be a good idea to work on these personality traits before attempting to invoke the law of attraction.

Step 9 is like the portal opening up for you to receive the thing you want; it’ll be the coincidence that’s just too much of a coincidence but again, don’t second guess the universe as you’ll end up sabotaging all your hard work up to now.

After Step 6 things will be happening on an unconscious level so once you’ve turned your desire over to the universe for processing, you can almost forget about it. It should be in the back of your mind as by now it will have almost become an obsession but from Step 6 on you won’t be aware of the process.

When Step 10 arrives you’ll get that, ‘Ah Ha!’, moment as conscious thought kind of catches up and you realize that what you wanted to have a few months beforehand has now been brought into reality.

I sincerely hope this brief article helps you to achieve what you want, or gets where you want to be. Let me know in the comments.

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