50 Guitar Hacks for the Advancing Guitarist


Any seasoned player will tell you that there are no shortcuts, and of course, they’re absolutely right. It’s the little things, an inspiring moment, or a priceless insight that can cause your guitar playing to take a great leap forward, and you a step closer to being the best player you can possibly be. This is what the ’50 Guitar Hacks…’ series of eBooks are about; providing you with timely inspiration and insight in the form of mini-lessons, hacks, ideas, perspective-changing insight and the benefit of those who have already walked the path you’re on. ‘50 Guitar Hacks for the Advancing Guitarist’ focuses on breaking into advanced territory on the instrument for anyone who feels they’ve plateaued, is stuck in a rut, or needs some genuine inspiration and insight to move forward.

The 50 Guitar Hacks series of eBooks came about out of the need for real concise insight into learning and playing guitar. I felt that most guitar books, while chock full of information, offered little in the way of insight or ways to apply increasingly complex ideas to your playing. Due to my background as a language teacher, I found I was able to condense all this information into manageable chunks which are easy to digest and apply to your playing. In short, I loved those, ‘Ah ha!’, moments and wanted to collect them so that other players could benefit from those moments of clarity and inspiration instead of having to wade through a ton of other books, searching for these golden nuggets of information.

Therefore, ‘50 Guitar Hacks for the Advancing Guitarist’ targets that gray area between intermediate and advanced, filling in the gaps along the way, and hopefully inspiring you into advanced territory on the instrument.

Here’s the full rundown of what you’ll find in, ‘50 Guitar Hacks for the Advancing Guitarist’, which is available on your local Amazon Kindle Store. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on any device thanks to Amazon’s Free Kindle Reader App.

1. The Secret to Fast Playing that Everyone Overlooks
2. How to Move Beyond Pentatonic Scales
3. Do You Need a Mentor Rather than a Teacher?
4. How to Get into Melodic Soloing
5. How to Use the Other Four Minor Pentatonic Boxes
6. Why Your Solos Still Sound like Scales and How to Turn It Around
7. What’s Your Specialty?
8. When to Learn the Notes on the Neck
9. How to Get the Gig
10. How to Learn New Scales without Learning New Patterns
11. How to Balance Your Pickups for a Sharper Sound
12. Write This Down Before Every Practice Session
13. How to Get Free Gear
14. Buy Tons of Picks
15. The ‘Hendrix’ Chord and When to Use It
16. How to ‘Johnny B. Goode’ Any Scale
17. Scale Fragments: Practice This to Increase Your Speed
18. Repetition Is Only Half the Story
19. Split the Fretboard
20. Zone in to Improve Your Phrasing
21. Take Advantage of Your Own Hindsight
22. How to Spice Up Your Chord/Rhythm Playing
23. How to Memorize New Material Faster
24. The Hearing Lag
25. Beyond the ‘Hendrix’ Chord
26. The Reason You Find Chord Tone Soloing Hard
27. The Real Meaning of ‘Less is More’
28. Stop Learning Guitar Solos
29. Sweep Picking Made Easy
30. How to Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale Over Almost Anything
31. 4 Neglected Pentatonic Scales
32. Are You Using Your Best Picking Technique?
33. What Do I Use This for?
34. How to Know What to Learn Next
35. How to Make the Most of Backing Tracks
36. How to Tap into an Infinite Supply of Riffs, Licks and Ideas
37. Instant Jazz/Fusion Soloing with 9-Note Scales
38. How to Take the Tedium Out of Learning Arpeggios
39. Improve Your Phrasing with the Pivot Technique
40. The Law of Overcompensation and Fretting Hand Strength
41. The Best Books for Learning to Sight Read
42. How to Find the Right Gear for You
43. If You Use Tablature, You Must Do This
44. The Dreaded, ‘Now Practice This in All 12 Keys…’
45. Is It Time to Forget Scales?
46. More Than Repertoire
47. Make Time for Noodling
48. A Healthy Obsession You Should Have
49. How to Play Over Changes without Getting Frustrated
50. Are There Any Skeletons in Your Musical Closet?

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