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50 more guitar hacks

Today sees the Kindle release of 50 More Guitar Hacks for the Thinking Man’s Guitarist, making our sum total of guitar hacks a resounding 100! After the fantastic response to the original 50 Guitar Hacks eBook, I was inspired to continue and craft 50 more insights, anecdotes, hacks, tips, and friendly advice in the form of a sequel. I think this second eBook goes a little deeper, and in wanting to provide the best insight I possible could, it reflects an inner journey of my own through over 20 years of learning, playing and inadvertently teaching guitar. So what you can you expect from the second installment of the Guitar Hacks series?

I don’t think there’s anything more explanatory than a good contents page, so here it is in all its glory:

1. How to Always Land on the Right Notes in a Blues       
2. Are You Really Improvising?  
3. The Easiest Way to Come Up with Exotic Sounding Stuff           
4. Why Bass Players Can Teach You Modes          
5. Don’t Panic When Soloing Live: The Theory of Relativity Has Got Your Back      
6. Secrets of Great Technique: Economy of Movement  
7. Why You Should Sing Along to Your Solos        
8. Why Learning Stuff ‘All Over the Neck’ is a Little Misleading    
9. How to Do Ear Training the Right Way               
10. Why You Need to Practice Playing Through the 12th Fret.      
11. Chords: Your Comfort Comes First    
12. Four Ways to Master Barre Chords          
13. How to Get Famous Playing Guitar   
14. Why You Don’t Sound Like Satch… Yet.           
15. What to Play in a Guitar Shop             
16. Avoid Doing This and You’ll Be a Great Guitarist         
17. What is the Finger Roll?         
18. The Tasteful Guitar Solo Checklist     
19. How I Stumbled Across Absolute Pitch            
20. Play as Fast as You Can Think              
21. The Difference between Soloing on an Electric and an Acoustic Guitar              
22. Pentatonic Springboards or… Ways to Play Over Dominant Chords without Woodshedding    
23. The Most Useful Scale (apart from the minor pentatonic)      
24. Budget Outside Sounds that Require No Thinking      
25. Two More Ways to Fatten Up Your Tone       
26. How to Be Melodic  
27. The 3NPS Problem You Never Saw Coming   
28. How to Change Chords Smoothly      
29. What Separates Guthrie Govan from the Rest             
30. How to Learn Technique Visually       
31. When to Use the Harmonic Minor Scale in a Blues     
32. Get into a 3-piece    
33. The Problem with Shapes     
34. Things to Practice While Watching TV             
35. There’s No Right Way to Play Guitar
36. How to Write Your First Guitar Riffs 
37. How to Invent New Techniques and Sounds
38. How to Start Improvising by Ear         
39. Learn about the Music Business        
40. How to Get Rid of Sloppiness in Your Playing
41. How to Write Modal Riffs     
42. There Are Other Blues Open Positions            
43. How to Deal with Mistakes On-stage
44. How Not to Learn a Tune      
45. How to Learn Solos by Ear… Or your Brain is a Slow-down Machine   
46. How Not to Become a Frustrated Musician   
47. How to Improve Your Hand Coordination      
48. How to Start Writing Music on Guitar              
49. How to Craft Long-term Success        
50. Play with Passion.    
50 more nuggets of information culled from great teachers, music college, exploration, experimentation, the relentless quest for self-improvement, discovery, divine inspiration, and more than a few lengthy late-night discussions with some great musicians; all with the desire to help you on your journey to being the best guitarist you can possibly be.

50 more guitar hacks for the thinking man's guitarist download

You can pick up a copy of 50 More Guitar Hacks for the Thinking Man’s Guitarist on Amazon Kindle as of today:

Stores: US | UK | CA | DE | AU

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50 guitar hacks for the thinking man's guitarist download

The original 50 Guitar Hacks for the Thinking Man’s Guitarist is also available on Amazon Kindle:

Stores: US | UK | CA | DE | AU

No Kindle? Click Here to Download the Free Kindle Reader App for all Devices

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