Blues Soloing Tricks: How to Easily Jazz Up Your Blues Soloing

It’s been a while since we’ve looked at blues soloing, so I thought I’d add to the Blues Soloing Tricks series of posts with a quick lesson on using the upper chord extensions to get a jazzier sound in standard … Read more

The Most Versatile Yet Underused Picking Technique

What do Steve Morse, bluegrass and 10-year-old Japanese guitar prodigy Li-Sa-X have in common? The answer is that they’ve all mastered crosspicking, the most versatile picking technique available, yet one that’s barely used outside of the realms of bluegrass guitar … Read more

How Not to Get Lost When Improvising Over Little Wing

A common problem among guitarists is getting lost while improvising. There are many reasons for this, the most notorious one being an over-reliance on patterns. Patterns are a double-edged sword on guitar as they lend themselves well to getting you … Read more

Chords: How to Learn the Harmonized Major Scale (Part 1)

A great way to learn chords and chord progressions is to learn them in context, whether it be a song or the chord chart for a backing track (yes, don’t just wail over them, learn the chord progression). Chords are

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How to Avoid Cliché Pentatonic Licks

While the pentatonic scale is an incredibly useful tool for guitar players of the rock and blues variety, the standard method of learning the scale in five box shapes doesn’t do a lot to distinguish you from the next guy. … Read more